Wil Fry

Wil Fry is an Australian born designer living & working in New York.

Wil Fry made his mark on the blogosphere when he began poking fun at the Tumblr generation of fashion consumers, and then inviting them to join in on the trolling by purchasing his hyper-branded, limited edition gear. He made a name for himself by creating ironic pieces laced with social commentary in a style that some dub “troll-fashion.” Eventually growing out of this phase, he released a collection last year that was minimalist, un-ironic and free of any overt branding. The Fall/Winter 2015 collection sees more of this simple style, with relaxed shirts, outerwear and thermals. Although a stark contrast to the style that catapulted him into fashion, Fry says the utilitarian, non-ornamental style is truer to his aesthetic tastes.

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